Water Allotment for the 2021 Irrigation Season for the Boise
Project Board of Control. Effective Thursday, June 10, 2021.

The Management of the Boise Project Board of Control has set
the water allotment of all lands served by the Boise Project
Board of Control at 1.60 acre feet of water per acre.

If you have any further questions concerning
this allotment figure, please contact Bob Carter,
Project Manager at (208)344-1141.

Review your irrigation
water status for the
current year i.e. allowance,
allotment and combination of serials.
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A graphical presentation
of current reservoir water
storage in a Tea-cup diagram.
The focus is on storage
capacities and natural flows.

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Boise Project maintains
many subdivision pumps,
pump houses, and high pressure
lines within specific subdivisions.
Review your subdivision contact information

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